If you're using an alias Gsuite/Google Workspace and the 2-step verification activated, please follow this 4 steps tutorial to set up your app password.

Step 1 : Set the password
Go to your Google Account and open the Security tab. Scroll down to find App passwords. An app password is a security layer that Google generates so you can use apps like Mailwarm without your main password. Choose Other in the Select app dropdown.


Step 2 : Generate the App password
Give it the name you want (it's not a technical parameter) and Generate the password.


Step 3 : Copy the password
Copy this password, you'll need it to configure your SMTP on Mailwarm. Once you click done, it will disappear and you won't have access to it anymore.


Now you're almost done click on this tutorial(insertlink) and follow the third step to setup your SMTP on Mailwarm

Step 4 : SMTP settings on Mailwarm:
Now you're all set to connect your account to Mailwarm, and add a new email account. Then fill in the SMTP form as following :‍

Email address/reply-to : your alias address
Smtp Host : smtp.gmail.com
Port/protocol : 587/TLS
Smtp Username : your main email address
Password : the app password you have generated


Hit the Test & Save button, you'll receive a confirmation email if this worked properly.
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