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How to set up my Office365 smtp?

If you want to connect an Office365 account to Mailwarm, you'll need your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) credentials. But first you should check if the SMTP Authentication is activated on the email account you want to plug into Mailwarm.

Please follow this 5 steps to activate your SMTP authentication.

Note that you will need access to your admin account to follow it

If you're not using Office365 please check this tutorial.

Step 1 : Reach your Admin Center page

Sign in to your Office365 account and click on the grid top left corner and choose Admin. This allows you to access your Admin Center.


Step 2 : Access settings of the email you want to connect

Now you're on Admin Center Page. You should click on Users on the left of your screen, then click Active users, choose the email address you want to connect, a flyout will slide from your right, click on Mail and finally on Manage email apps.


Step 3 : Activate your Authenticated SMTP

Another flyout should have slid from your right, check the Authenticated SMTP like in the following picture, and then click on Save Changes. You should see a message in green (like in the picture) that tells you the change is successful, if it doesn't show, you should contact Microsoft support to help you activate it.


Step 4 : Deactivate Modern Authentication

In order to allow Mailwarm to send emails on your behalf, you need to deactivate Modern Authentication.
To do so, You will need to sign in with your admin account into your Microsoft Entra ID admin center by clicking here.
After that you can navigate to Identity on the left of your screen, and click on Overview, as shown on the screenshot below.

Then, you can click on Properties, scroll down to Manage Security defaults, set the Security Defaults dropdown to Disabled, and click on Save.


Step 5 : Check the status of the double authentication

Now, your SMTP is correctly activated and Mailwarm can send emails on your behalf. But, before closing your admin center, you should check the status of your double authentication. To do so, go back to your Active users page and click again on the email you want to connect. In the flyout under Account, scroll a bit and you will find Manage Multifactor Authentication as in the following picture, click on it:


You will land in another page:


If your status is "Enforced" like the picture above, you need to create an app password. We have another article about it, please follow the steps here

Otherwise, you're all set to connect your office365 to Mailwarm !

Step 6 : SMTP settings on Mailwarm

Go on Mailwarm, and add a new email account. Then fill in the SMTP form as following :‍

Email address : your email address
Reply-to email : your email address
SMTP Host :
SMTP Port : 587
SMTP Protocol : TLS
SMTP Username : your email address
SMTP Password : Your Password

Hit the Test & Save button, you'll receive a confirmation email if this properly worked.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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