If you're using a Gsuit/Google Workspace alias and you want to connect it to mailwarm, please follow this 3 steps tutorial to set up your SMTP.

Step 1 : Check if the 2-step verification is disabled:
Go to your Google Account and open the Security tab. Check if the 2-step verification toggle is turned off. if it's deactivated, you can move to step 2, if it's activated you can follow this tutorial to set up your smtp.

Step 2 : Allow less secure apps:
Scroll down in the Google Account Security settings to find Less secure apps*. Please enable it by clicking on the toggle button to activate it.

Or you can click on this link for a quick access this link.


Step 3 : SMTP settings on Mailwarm:
Now you're all set to connect your account to Mailwarm, and add a new email account. Then fill in the SMTP form as following :‍

Email address/reply-to : your alias address
Smtp Host : smtp.gmail.com
Port/protocol : 587/TLS
Smtp Username : your main email address
Password : your main email's password


Hit the Test & Save button, you'll receive a confirmation email if this worked properly.
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