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Quick launch guide (tutorial)

When you add a new email account, Mailwarm is turned off by default. To turn it on, follow this 5 steps tutorial:

1. Setup your SMTP:

If not already set, click on the settings icon on the top right corner and follow this tutorial if you need some help.


2. Set Mailwarm frequency:

This is the amount of interactions you want Mailwarm to generate by default each day. Set it according to your personal sending volume. If it's too low it might have no effects, if it's too high, it might hurt your IP reputation and keep your email landing in the spam folder.

Step 1: Open the frequency tab.


Step 2: Set the frequency value.

Please note that you're not technically limited, but additional interactions above your plan limits are charged $0.05/interaction. You can have a look here to know your subscription daily limits.


Step 3: Set the reply rate.

Mailwarm lets you control the reply rate you want from Mailwarm interactions. It's recommended to set it around 30%, which means you'll get approximately 30% of replies. A high reply rate with a high sending activity might be suspicious from spam filters perspective.


Step 4: Confirm by clicking on edit.


3. (optional) Schedule specific frequencies:

The frequency you've just set is the one applied by default. But you might want to adjust this value for specific days, here are two main cases :

Case 1: The initial warm-up (one is already pre-configured, you can adjust it to your needs)
Case 2: When you plan to send email campaigns, you might want to decrease Mailwarm interactions, to make your global activity as flat as possible (Mailwarm + your email campaign days).

To schedule a specific temporary frequency :

Step 1: Open the Schedule settings


Step 2: Set the frequency


Step 3: Set the start date (Mailwarm is operating on UTC time zone).

Step 4: Set the end date (same one as the start date, if you need to schedule one single day).


Step 5: Save


4. Set a Mailwarm a folder:

As you'll receive dozens of Mailwarm emails, we recommend you to filter them in a dedicated folder, to not get your inbox full of Mailwarm emails.

5. Turn Mailwarm on:

by hitting the toggle button on the top-right corner.
Mailwarm is off:

Mailwarm is on:


When Mailwarm is on, it will generate interactions according to your settings (frequency & reply rate).
When Mailwarm is off, it will pause interactions and scheduled interactions will be dismissed.

If you press pause and play within the same day, Mailwarm interactions will be prorated.
For instance, 50 interactions are scheduled, but Mailwarm is paused during 12 hours: only 25 interactions will be generated this day.

Updated on: 20/10/2020

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