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How does Mailwarm work ?

The mission of Mailwarm is to get your emails right into your recipients inboxes. But how does it proceed ?

Each email provider sets its own spam rules, which are operated through spam filters.
Those spam filters will have an impact on your IP reputation and this will lead your emails to inbox or spam.
If you want to know more, this blogpost explains you everything about how to not land in spam.

Three key parameters are involved in this decision process :

• History of your IP and your domain
• Content of your emails
• Activity of your email account

Mailwarm is focused on making you reach a perfect email activity by acting like thousands of amazing leads. By doing so your IP reputation will raise, and if your contents aren't spammy, your emails will land into your recipients inboxes.

The ideal activity is reached by:

• operating a smooth increase when you need to raise your sending volume, this is called an email warm-up.
• keeping your email sending as consistent as possible : not sending emails for a few days, then sending 500 emails the next day will drastically decrease your reputation score, which is bad. Keep your sending volume flat.
• reaching a high positive activity ratio : a positive activity ratio is defined by the actions your leads may take towards your emails (opening, deletes, spam reports, unsubscribes, important tags, stars, replies).

Mailwarm is engineered to make your reach and keep this ideal email activity, so your emails will keep reaching your leads inboxes.‍
Mailwarm will generate interactions between your email account and its own accounts at the right frequency.

Let's discover Mailwarm interactions.

Updated on: 05/02/2020

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