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What's an interaction ?

You've probably seen this word everywhere on Mailwarm, but what does it mean ?

As explained in this post, Mailwarm helps your email account to reach the ideal email activity.

To raise your email reputation, you have to:
• Start with a warm-up phase (such as the one preconfigured on the platform)
• Keep your sending activity flat by adjusting Mailwarm frequency according to your personnal use.
• A positive activity ratio, which is manage by Mailwarm interactions.

Each interaction is based on an email sent from your email account (from your SMTP) to one (out of thousands) Mailwarm email account, which will generate a positive interaction.

For each interaction your email gets:
• opened / read
• marked as non-spam
• marked as important / starred
• replied : according to the reply rate you've set

Each interaction raises your positive activity ratio and help to counterbalance the negative actions your recipients may occur such as: deletes, unsubscribes, replies, spam reports.

Please note : Mailwarm interactions are great for your positive activity ratio (and your reputation), but don't try to overkill it with a high frequency on day 1. Remember you should avoid peaks of activity.

Updated on: 05/02/2020

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